Digital world is a cold and a cruel place. Not beneficial to our health.
Get the individual comprehensive assessment of your digitality as a  crucial step towards self-improvement and digital resillience. 

Discover your

Human Digital Indicator

This is your assessment starting point. Discover your Human Digital Indicator by taking a 10min test. It will show you your week and strong points when it comes to your digitallity. (HDi)

Human Digital

Our Index is the most comprehensive personal digital assessment you can find on web today. It encapsulates 6 modules, each around 100 items. Allow up to 15min for each module. (HDI)

Human Digital Health

Out od Human Digital Index we have selected this module as crucial to your self understanding. Allow up to 15min to take this 100 item test and find your weak and strong points of digital health. (HDh) 

6 modules to explain the digital YOU within 1 index.

Digital Health

Digital Personality

Digital Influence

Digital Integration

Digital Business

Digital Resiliance