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This test gives you an explanation for every one of the important indicators about your digital health. Here you can get a deeper understanding of everthing that this test offers.

Human Digital Indicator

The results of our testing provide a fascinating insight into your ability to set boundaries between the real and digital worlds, with a special focus on mental health. The Human Digital Indicator provides a medically oriented analysis of your relationship to the digital environment, assessing your determination to maintain mental health.

This indicator not only identifies levels of exposure to digital stress but also provides personalized recommendations on how to optimize that balance. Understanding how to set healthy boundaries between the online and offline worlds is critical to your overall well-being, and our analysis allows you to make medically-guided adjustments to your digital life to improve your mental health.

Human Digital Indeks

The concept of the Human Digital Index is significant in the context of medical reflection on our digital environment. In a world where there is less and less empathy and understanding between people, it is important to understand our level of empathy to encourage personal and collective growth in compassion.

Our medically oriented approach to the Human Digital Index provides an in-depth analysis of your empathy, taking into account the impact of the digital world on your interpersonal relationships. These results are not only an indicator of your current state but also a tool to help you encourage more compassion in your daily interactions. Understanding your empathy is critical to making a positive impact and building a brighter future, and the Human Digital Index provides concrete means to achieve those goals.

Human Digital Persona

In today’s age of digital existence on social networks, it is important to understand how the digital world affects our personality and character. Our approach to the Human Digital Persona brings medical insight into how people, under the influence of the digital environment, can lose themselves and adapt to others, trying to create an image that will make them more acceptable or loved.

The results of this test provide an analysis of the authenticity of your digital personality, evaluating how well your character is in line with your real values. Understanding whether your “good” or “bad” character is largely shaped by the digital world is essential to maintaining authenticity and mental health. This medical approach helps you better understand your relationship to the digital world, encouraging you to preserve your authenticity and build healthier digital interactions.