Tomislav Krištof

Founder of HDI

Digital marketing and communication expert with 20 years of professional experience. Initiator and creator of the world's first digital marketing undergraduate study program of its kind and co-creator of the world's first digital marketing graduate study program of its kind at Algebra University. Active blogger. Digital and mental health ambassador.


Dora Bajkuša

HDI Test developer

A storyteller with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, she approaches every project with enthusiasm and curiosity. Freelance designer and digital marketing student at Algebra University. Her fascination by psychology and digital intelligence brought her here, as she is eager to uncover what’s really beneath the surface of our online presence.


Igor Mikloušić

Strategic Development Manager

Has Ph.D. in psychology, senior assistant at Institute of social sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb, Croatia. In love with psychology, particularly personality psychology and evolutionary psychology. Additionally educated at Oxford University, UK.


Zlatan Morić

IT Security Contributor

Head of the Chair for IT Security at Algebra University College with more than 20 years of professional experience. Interdisciplinary work in IT Security and Data Science. Certified EC-Councile and Certified Microsoft Trainer.


Stefani Bujanović

Process Coordinator

Digital Marketing student at Algebra University. Has been working in her area of study since the first year of college and currently, on her third year, she’s working as Digital Specialist at Digital Talents. A curious mind with a creative soul embodied with good organization skill.


Luka Maras


Master of multimedia computer engineering with a degree in architecture. His love of drawing, writing and computers led him to a career in web design and content marketing. He also worked as a diplomat and a translator and is the author of several IT and self-help blogs and books. Passionate about global trends and issues. Avid reader. Entrepreneur.


Maja Pekas

Contributor and legal issues management

Always having a smile on her face, Maja is experienced in customer-facing roles as well as organizing business. Storytelling researcher and enthusiast, just ask her a question related to storytelling, and she'll talk about it for hours. She has recently finished an e-leadership MBA at Algebra. Always active, if she isn't in her high heels, she is probably in her sneakers jogging, hiking, or exploring nature.